Arrange follow-up appointments to support progress

When supporting your patients with weight management, it is important to arrange follow-up appointments to reflect on and measure their ongoing progress.

Depending on how the follow-ups are arranged, these appointments can be either motivating or demotivating for patients. If weight isn’t a metric that you have agreed to measure, asking them to ‘weigh in’ can lead to an approval/disapproval cycle which undermines collaboration and trust.

In contrast, if you arrange the follow-ups to ‘touch base’ on their experience and progress, it communicates that the journey will be shared without judgement. And if your patients feel comfortable, they will be more likely to discuss their problematic areas.

It is also important to provide follow-up appointments that are consistent with repetition and relevance to support the development of self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation.

During follow-up appointments, you can encourage your patients to continue working towards their goals by sharing the healthy lifestyle programs and resources outlined below.

Programs to help facilitate health behaviour change


  • The Change Program

    A two-year general practice delivered weight management program for adults in primary care. The Change Program includes access to a free ‘toolkit’, including a patient handbook and GP handbook.
  • Fremantle Healthy Eating Hub – by Foodbank WA

    Attend the Healthy Eating Hub in Fremantle, to learn about healthy eating and cooking in a fun and social environment. Receive lots of free resources, and prepare tasty food.
  • Transformation Support Community – by Weight Management Psychology

    An online member-only support group led by psychologist, Glenn Mackintosh for people who want close support with transforming their eating, physical activity, weight and body image!
    Cost: $89.95/month.
  • HEAL Program – City of Cockburn

    Available as both a group program (in person) or online, the Healthy Eating, Activity and Lifestyle (HEAL™) program helps adults of all ages and fitness levels develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Programs for Aboriginal people

    East Metropolitan Health Service’s Healthy Lifestyle Programs are culturally adapted to suit the needs of the Aboriginal community and are delivered by trained Aboriginal staff members.

Additional Support & Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patients

Other resources you may find useful for your patients

Find a Dietitian
Use the Dietitian’s Australia search tool to find a Dietitian to support your patient’s health needs

Dietitians Australia Consumer Brochure 2023
Learn how to improve your patients health with an Accredited Practising Dietitian

Heart Foundation Personal Walking Plans
Feel healthier and happier in six weeks!

University of Newcastle ‘No Money No Time’ – Healthy Easy Recipes
Search over 100 recipes tailored to your budget, preferences and personal goals.

My Community Directory
Link your patients to healthy lifestyle services in their area.



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